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Leo Fan Troll by sagemoonblood027 Leo Fan Troll :iconsagemoonblood027:sagemoonblood027 0 0 Cancer Cutie - Homestuck Fan Troll by sagemoonblood027 Cancer Cutie - Homestuck Fan Troll :iconsagemoonblood027:sagemoonblood027 1 0 Karkat by sagemoonblood027 Karkat :iconsagemoonblood027:sagemoonblood027 0 0 Creepy Female Base by sagemoonblood027 Creepy Female Base :iconsagemoonblood027:sagemoonblood027 0 2 Vriska Serket Fanart by sagemoonblood027 Vriska Serket Fanart :iconsagemoonblood027:sagemoonblood027 0 0
Words that penetrate and thoughts that suffocate
All their whispers make it hard to concentrate
Barred doors guard things I thought I could communicate
Now with broken intentions, I'm unsure how to compensate…
I feel the cold eyes resting on my skin
Laughter twisting my heart like a cloth
I shrink so small while the pain keeps growing
And in the hurt and hatred, I become lost
So I sink deep inside my own soul, my own self
I am alone and pensive in thought
In my pristine little world that no one can touch
Reflecting on darkness; I'll never be caught
But that pristine little world keeps me separate from him
Locked up alone, disconnected, detached
Though providing false security and safety
I realize that his warm loving arms are forever unmatched
:iconsagemoonblood027:sagemoonblood027 1 0
Rin Kagamine Pumpkin by sagemoonblood027 Rin Kagamine Pumpkin :iconsagemoonblood027:sagemoonblood027 0 0
Social Scare
Like a nervous little schoolgirl
Trying to belong
She sits and waits for someone
To reassure her she's not wrong
She's quietly observing
Waiting for her chance
To show she's one of them
A complex duet two parties dance
It's all about the timing
The way she just chimes in
The anxious undertones of her chirpy voice
Show her desperation to fit in
But despite her need of their acceptance
She knows they'll never dance the same
Because she follows a different beat
That lights her soul aflame
:iconsagemoonblood027:sagemoonblood027 1 0
The little girl sat quietly
In the dim light of her room
With her pencil to her sketch pad
She was drawing to her doom
At first the girl drew pretty things
Flowers dancing on the page
But when hope began to fade away
Darkness took the stage
The flowers started wilting
The sun not quite so bright
The colors, now masked with gray,
Hid creatures that could bite
Innocence forgotten
The girl thought the drawing done
With no more nightmares left to draw
The world held no more fun
She renounced drawing altogether
And put away her tools
She waited to be consumed by shadow
Like all the other fools
But then she felt a pang of hope
As someone put a pencil in her palm
And made her draw the flowers
Their dancing made her calm
The girl and the stranger drew together
And the stranger became so much more
As partners, they created beauty
That touched their very cores
:iconsagemoonblood027:sagemoonblood027 0 0
Don't give me any jewelry
Or pointless shiny things
Put away your wallet
And save luxury for kings
When I look into my mirror
And see a spoiled girl inside
It won't make me any happier
If you're not by my side
So spare me all the presents
I don't want to drown
In a sea of lover's gifts
It'll only weigh me down
I don't want your flowers
Those cliché chocolates are a crime
I just want to love you
Please be my valentine?
:iconsagemoonblood027:sagemoonblood027 0 1
I sit and wonder what life's about
I sit and wonder and fear and doubt
I sit and think about where I'll be
I sit and wait for when I'll be free
Why is this wall of clouds keeping me here,
Stuck running at the same damn pace?
Why can't I catch up to him when he's not that far ahead?!
I scream in frustration at what I must face
To get to him, to get to him...
My longing is forced down with patience I didn't know I had
While with his needle I stitch my heart's wounded flesh
And though so often I want to throw my hands up and yell
I don't want to tear and make old wounds fresh
So I try keep my head down with my temper
But now faced with a sea of fears and screaming voices
Leaking under the door and threatening to break it down
It keeps us backed, cowering, into the corner
Until the waves hold us down so we almost drown
But the future is our savior
His hope and love bring clarity to the liberating goal
That is the simple center around which thought and life revolve
Keeping my head clear and
:iconsagemoonblood027:sagemoonblood027 1 0
We Are the Cold
I sit in his wake
Heart wrenching, tears spilling
How could it be that memories
Are so capable of killing?
The sheets soaked with tears and pain
Clenched tightly in my little hands
I hold fast to the sole soft comfort
To steady the world so I understand
I breathe in the truth slowly now
But it doesn't give any sort of ease
In his absence, I breathe out the delusions
Reality is a ship on stormy seas
In the agony it is to have your heart stolen
I cry out so loud and strong
The ship Reality to which I cling tight
Rocks to the beat of my sad crying song
Security has fallen overboard with comfort
So I take all my memories and rip them to nothing
And I scream at the sky to give him back
But everything I am and used to be knows he's not coming
My face is buried in my blanket, and I am gone
I decline into the little girl at my core
Whose pained voice is lost in the realm of seriousness
And I know I can't stay here anymore
I leave my soft shelter of sheets
Stumbling out my door into the cold wi
:iconsagemoonblood027:sagemoonblood027 1 0
The words that sink into my skin so easily
Form a wall between the world and I
A broken record plays beneath the surface
And they laid a veil across my eyes
I'm mindful that nothing else is really there
I'm in a different plane of being
Just walking through this one aimlessly
Aware of nothing that I'm seeing
I find myself hard to carry
My lungs and heart are encased in stone
I'm so very very tired
From this loneliness I've come to know
Finally I find the escape I've been looking for
With freedom, like the sea
Immersed in my crystal flowing savior,
I finally fall asleep
Now at last my body is purified
Of those words, so filled with hate
Forever clean and forever sleeping,
In my peaceful, perfect state
:iconsagemoonblood027:sagemoonblood027 0 0
My breath comes shallow where hurt goes deep
The tears blur the world so I can't even see
My perfect world of yesterday now seems like a dream
Time stops in its tracks when my sobs turn to screams
I hug myself tight without him by my side
Now he'll never be there, just in my mind
He said "I'm sorry, I love you," and his final goodbye
Leaving behind only tears in my eyes
It all happened so fast
Like dropping a ball
No way to stop it
It's just gonna fall
In complete disbelief
This can't be real
There's so much pain in my heart
I can't describe how it feels...
He hung up the phone and silence hung in the air
A final and frightening song of despair
I cry because now that's the only thing there
I can't hear him anymore and my world is so bare
That voice like honey and his laugh like the sun
How he breathed when he slept; all things that I loved
Now gone forever and I am undone
To remember forever I write his name in my blood
It all happened so fast, like dropping a ball
No way to
:iconsagemoonblood027:sagemoonblood027 2 1
The Jack of All Trades
The Jack of All Trades
Shined as the perfect star
While the Queen of Broken Hearts
Envied his glory from afar
Always in the background
She felt unworthy of attention
The Queen bowed down to the Jack
With an air of apprehension
Little she could do had meaning
Her talent sparse and scattered
She knew she'd never measure up
She knew she'd never matter
She locked herself in her quarters
Trying to find some way
But all that came were deep blue tears
And bad try at croquet
But in a dream came the epiphany
The idea she couldn't find
She started a whole new kingdom
For the broken and the blind
The outcasts her advisors
Her subjects were the damned
Her servants were the lonely
They all bowed to her command
Here they all had hope
And lived out fantasies
They had fabricated happiness
Under rule of their new Queen
Though starving for control
Is how she soon became
"Off with their heads!" she said
To all those in her way
And when she saw a person
Who could be to her advantage
She persuaded and mani
:iconsagemoonblood027:sagemoonblood027 0 0
Mature content
Hero :iconsagemoonblood027:sagemoonblood027 0 0

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Beautiful, Beautiful Scars
Beauty in repose is a gift allotted among few.
What of envy? A common foible,
Allied by vulnerability and aided with insatiability.
Leaving a mind to be easily contorted,
As judgment clouded and morality obscured.
The quest to achieve true beauty is seldom of success.
Vain attempts disappoint as
Surgery yields no successful results,
Only furthering oneself from beauty and distancing from reality.
There lies a solution in the surgical implements;
The knife, the blade, the needle.
To drag the sharp edge slowly to open skin,
Bleed out beauty, excess to puddle upon the floor.
An aftermath of tour de force,
A lovely display of structured lines.
Simple contours creating depth, casting shadows,
Highlights in contrast.
Bodily modification amalgamates with mutilation,
For we are stitched into ugly skin.
Cut, cut, slash, release the skin a new.
Within held is beauty.
But foremost,
Where does the definition of beauty lie?
Is it derived from pain?
Does it emanate from the toil we endure in achievi
:icontheamericanaverage:TheAmericanAverage 17 4
Hate the Hurt by psivamp Hate the Hurt :iconpsivamp:psivamp 222 75


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My dad didn't believe it was mine at first though...
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I need to start reading homestuck again.


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Shay Moore
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United States
Hello World and all who inhabit it! My name is Shay and I'm 16. I used to dye my hair wild colors (now it's just henna dyed) and I LOVE drawing, writing poetry, and singing. I'm kind of an insane fangirl. Homestuck and anime and vocaloid and japan and plushies and cons I <3 it all. :3
I am a feminist. I believe gender equality is an important thing for our society to reach if we want to get anywhere.
I don't really like anything conventional. I strive to be an individual. My boyfriend and my friends are the most important things to me in the world. I don't know how I would survive without them. So that's me in a nutshell.. except it's not a nutshell.. it's a textbox. Both compact ways of containing different things. Okay I'm really done now. Bye-Bye~
Current Residence: Connecticut
Favourite genre of music: Right now, vocaloid. Does that count?
Personal Quote: As long as you have the will to, you can do anything.

P.S. My icon is courtesy of net1204! Thank you!~



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